Tuesday, August 18, 2009

gogo inflight services, one small router and a giant leap for flyingkind

i am currently flying from ny to atlanta without a laptop while writing the blog and updating my fb status. Does not make sense right. Well ladies and gents, this is a miracle made possible by gogo inflight services and the nokia e71.

At the risk of sounding ignorant about emerging tech trends i had no clue that airlines had launched wifi access on flights atleast in the continental us. For almost $8 per flight segment or $12 for a 24 hour period it is possible to check your mails, surf the net or even chat while flying. Here is to hoping for a quick acceptance and adoption of this service by airlines around the world.

The one gripe i have is the branding of the service. I mean gogo inflight services, could they not have been more original :) And the fact that bosses can now remain connected even while traveling. The lack of emails from up above during morning and evening flights could very soon be a thing of the past. I am suddenly having second thoughts about the early adoption of this technology.

The other realisation for me on this trip so far has been the usefullness of the e71 for staying connected while traveling. Public wi fi systems are quite widespread in the us and the e71 has allowed us to remain connected whether we have been in our hotel room, shopping on 5th avenue or waiting for a train at the subway station. It is painful to write long posts such as this and takes possibly 3 times as much time as typing on the comp but nothing beats it for checking scores (go man u, haha liverpool), mails, news or fb updates while on the go.

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